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We're cardiologists. Someone saved my life. Can you help us find Amir? I don't like dirty jokes, but I get a kick out of it when you tell them. Many people left. Soohong used to be a singer. You don't need to apologize, Raman.

He doesn't have any pets. It's more comfortable here inside. Would you recognize them? Make sure you finish this by the end of the day. Jim suggested that the teacher might be wrong. She looks older, of course, but none the worse for wear. Isn't there a pharmacy nearby?

Don't throw in the towel. This is a horror staple - young men and women spend a night of terror in an isolated house. A reward has been offered for information pertaining to the incident. Vistlik could hear the television blaring in the background. None but the brave deserve the fair. I looked upon his courage and trusted him. Monty will come back home when he gets hungry. Do you enjoy studying French? Sjouke ended up in the emergency room. Determination is a key to success.

Stanislaw was sitting at the foot of the stairs. He cannot drive without eyeglasses. Let's not do this.

That wasn't so bad. I love scaring people. You are all that is dear to me in the world. Panacea will visit Boston this summer for sure. Craig became famous because he married a famous actress who had been married many times before. It's the way that she laughs at herself that endears her to me.

I'll keep the menu as a souvenir. We have many things in common: hobbies, educational background, and so on. Can it be true that she committed suicide? Yuck! Who'd buy this? Your sentences are the only ones which should be translated on this site. Jagath began to work. Didn't you see Ritchey at the party? Lea never mentioned it. Time is more precious than anything else. Does anyone know Jakob's family name?

Mikey tried to act normal, but you could tell from his facial expression and demeanour that he was seething with rage. He is taller than I by two inches. I play volleyball often. I repeated what he said word for word. Ramesh sorted the mail. The rest is left to you! He is in error about the matter.

The right mind is the mind that does not remain in one place. Go back to bed now. He's dying to see Seiko. Mott will cook. I was late on account of an accident. I wish you didn't hang out with Walt so much.

How many kilometers is it from here to the train station? I wonder whose car this is. I don't know Boston that well. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing a video game - dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions - immediately discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming play.

I want to help Roland as much as you do. I continued focussing on it, wondering if there was a way to get in and learn its secrets. What a paella! I didn't write anything. Do you have any English-Japanese dictionaries? How good of you to come all the way to see me off! But he needed a job.

I've finished my work. If you're going away for a day, take food for three days. This is devastating. Rayan and Kolkka cleaned up after the party. I like to play guitar. Darryl lost more than a hundred pounds. Why should we do that? I want to go home as much as you do.

I'll just have to improvise. I've written to Ernst suggesting that he come stay with us this summer. I felt I owed Clarissa an explanation. I've forgotten her name. Hsi doesn't care how Bobbie dresses. There are several ways to get in contact with other Tatoeba users or to get instant help.

Did you deal with them? I'm not asking you to go on a date with Philip. She loves me dearly. You shouldn't let us in.

I won't be wearing a tie. The fire burned our house. I forgot to ask Edmund for his advice. Please replace it.

I should've left her a note. The castle was transformed into a marvelous museum. Walt and three of his friends went camping last weekend. Bill is good at mathematics. Dani isn't afraid of anybody.